This course is based on a comprehensive understanding of UK Common and Criminal Law regarding assault and defence, Health and Safety perspectives and Human Rights obligations. 

This course teaches security and community safety staff a range of techniques, from non-harmful holds to pain-compliance and impact tactics for distraction.  

Our guiding principle is that to control a situation, the operator must learn to balance risk with responsibility and effectiveness with consequence.

Control and Restraint Tactics

(for Security Officers and Door Supervisors - 2 Days)

Learning Outcomes

Legal rules on the use of restraint

Practical ways - including modern, researched physical holds and techniques - to protect and safeguard themselves and their residents.

The risks inherent in restraint/intervention scenarios and how to reduce or avoid them.

Health and Safety provisions for managing safety in the workplace (Duty of Care).

Dynamic Scenario Replication which crystallises the course content by exposing staff to near-real contexts and scenarios.

For a full set of detailed learning outcomes for this course, please download the following PDF document.

Restraint for Security Operatives.pdf

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Did You know?

"The SIA is aware of at least 10 deaths that have occurred during ejections from licensed premises since 2003. There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that the figure could be even higher than this.

Tragically, the costs of some critical incidents can be incredibly high:

"The SIA are aware of one payment made by a security contractor in the region of £220,200 for harm resulting from an unsafe ejection by a Door Steward.

In addition, the SIA are aware of a claim for lifetime care that is being made by an individual who was paralysed during ejection from a nightclub for £5 million."

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  4. Risks Reduced

  5. Staff Protected

  6. Safeguards clients

  7. Complies with Regulation

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