Understanding Restraint and Safe Holding, for carers working with older people is a course we developed specifically for the care home sector, using guidance from national regulatory and guidance bodies.  It offers staff and managers greater information with which to make the best decisions about restraint.

Understanding Restraint and Safe Holding

(for Staff working with Older People in Care- 1 Day)

Elderly in Care/ with Dementia / Stress-Related Behaviour

Learning Outcomes

Your staff will have an understanding of:

Legal rules on the use of restraint

Government guidance in the sector - the use of restraint with Older People in Care.

Practical ways to protect and safeguard themselves and their residents.

The risks inherent in restraint/intervention scenarios and how to reduce or avoid them.

Health and Safety provisions for managing safety in the workplace (Duty of Care).

For a full set of detailed learning outcomes for this course, please download the following PDF document.

Safe Holding and Restraint with Older People.pdf

This training course is suitable for Care Workers, Nurses, Support Workers and other staff who may look after service users who can demonstrate high levels of vulnerability or risk.

Our 2-Day Managing Challenging Behaviour in Dementia Care course, including these topics, is here.

Did you know?

National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Older People states that the resident should: “know that the care home has a written policy and procedures on the conditions when restraint is used, and that staff are fully trained and supported in the use of restraint". 

"Restraint is most commonly used to manage restless or agitated behaviour, which, if unchecked, could be dangerous for the client or others.

By understanding what causes this behaviour and reducing those causes it’s sometimes possible to avoid using restraint."

RCN Guidance for Nurses

Working With Older People

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