Our Positive Handling Strategies course is a training session for teachers working with young people and children in an education setting.  The course was developed specifically for the education sector and has had successful delivery in a number of education services organisations for many years.

We have received very favourable feedback on this course from:

  1. -Primary Schools

  2. -Secondary Schools

  3. -Private Education Providers

  4. -SEN settings

Who should attend?

This training course is suitable for Teachers, Heads, Learning & Teaching Assistants and any school staff who may be called upon to assist in a physical intervention situation. For example, any other staff who may look after school pupils who can demonstrate high levels of vulnerability or risk.

Positive Handling Interventions

(for Staff working with Children in Education settings, 1 Day)

Learning Outcomes

Your staff will have an understanding of:

Legal rules on the use of restraint

Cues, Antecedents and De-Escalation Principles

Government guidance in the sector - the use of 'Reasonable Force' with pupils.

Practical ways to protect and safeguard themselves and their pupils.

The risks inherent in restraint/intervention scenarios and how to reduce or avoid them.

Health and Safety provisions for managing safety in the school workplace (Duty of Care).

Learning Outcomes

For a full set of detailed learning outcomes for this course, please download the following PDF document.

Positive Handling.pdf

Did you know?

"Staff members can sometimes be worried that using force will lead to false allegations of unreasonable or unlawful conduct in the form of a complaint or legal action. But if the force used is reasonable all staff will have a robust defence against any accusations."

Department for  Education Guidance 2012

"It is advisable that at least one member of staff in every school has received recent training by expert accredited providers in physical intervention and restraint techniques"

Department for Children, Schools and Families Guidance 2010

“All members of school staff have a legal power to use reasonable force"

Section 93

Education and Inspections Act 2006

  1. Accredited Training

  2. Non-Harmful Methods

  3. Legal Issues Covered

  4. Risks Reduced

  5. Staff Protected

  6. Safeguards clients

  7. Complies with Regulation

  8. Value for Money

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